Sh!t Meditators Say…Tiny Devotions Giveaway

Looks like Tiny Devotions, the fabulous mala bead company, couldn’t help but take a little inspiration from Lululemon’s fabulous “Sh!t Yogis Say” parody. It’s all in good fun and should bring a smile to your face!

Want to win some free mala bead bling for your yoga wardrobe?

Here’s the giveaway rules from Tiny Devotions blog:

We meditated all of January and came out out of silence to make this video (Yes, we know we’re about a month late on the rest of the world).

We need your help in sharing it and spreading the meditating love all over the internet/universe.

So we’ve decided to share the love with a Shit Meditators Say Giveway.

How to enter – Either:

1. Leave a comment on the Shit Meditators Say video (feel free to share it with your friends and yogis)

2. Tweet a link of this video – make sure you include @tinydevotions so we can enter you in the giveaway

2 meditators will WIN a “one of a kind” buddha or Ganesha gemstone and silver wrist mala!

Winner announced when we get to 10,000 views! Spread the love (and the laughs)

Okay. Enjoy the video a few more times and get tweetin’ or commenting!

Hank Gets a Little Yoga Treatment from Yogi Victor on King of the Hill

I know this clip’s a little old, but I love the heck out of this scene from King of the Hill. While Yogi Victor (Johnny Depp) is quite the crude yoga teacher, he clearly has Hank’s best interests at heart… Who knows, Hank might even learn how to “breath through his feet” once he gets a tank-top. Talk about some great lines…

Hank walks into class:

Hank: Uh, hello, I was wondering if yoga could help my back because it hurts like all…

Yogi Victor: Let me tell you a story. Once I was like you–skeptical, near-sighted, paunchy–then I met a special friend. This glorious friend took me to places I thought I’d never…

Hank: Eh, excuse me, is this one of those stories where this special friend of yours turns out to be yoga?

Yogi Victor: What time do you evacuate your bowels?

Hank: What?

Yogi Victor:  There’s only one right answer! Between 4 and 6 in the morning.

Hank: Well this was a great way to spend a lunch hour…

Yogi Victor: Lunch is one of the worst things you can do to yourself!

At Hank’s disability hearing (where Yogi Victor is apparently his key witness):

Board member: Mr. Hill, this guy is not helping your case.

Hank: Exactly, let me ask you, what healthy person would voluntarily spend five minutes with this joker? If I wasn’t in horrible pain wouldn’t I have kicked this guys ass?

Board: Hmmmm…, yeah…, we find for Hank Hill. Congratulations.

Yogi Victor: Why are you rewarding this man for abandoning the yoga way!?! Look at him. He’s clinched from his back muscles down to his inner eye…

Any other T.V. shows out there with great yoga scenes?

The Ultimate Sexy Yoga Battle

“It’s Not Sexy, It’s Yoga” vs. “It’s Not Fitness, It’s Life”

Surely by now you’ve seen the original, if not minorly scandalous Equinox yoga video, featuring Briohny Smyth. Well, it’s a great week for the yoga world now that humorist Michael A. Stusser (“The Dead Guy Interviews”) takes his yoga skills to the next level with a spot on parody of the original.

The Parody…


The Original…

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Lululemon’s ‘Ready to Get Its Yoga On…”

I don’t own a single piece of Lululemon clothing (not out of principle or anything like that…not really sure why…), but I do enjoy a little bit of yoga humor…

HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for making 2011 Daily Cup of Yoga’s most amazing year ever!

A Meditation on Steve Jobs and the Miracle of the French Toast

Hot off this week’s iPad 2 announcement, not to mention Glee’s recent “Grilled Cheesus” episode, an image of Steve Jobs miraculously appeared on a slice of French toast:


Pomaire, Chile — By mid-morning, the line was already snaking through the narrow streets of Pomaire, about 85 miles west of Santiago, Chile. Hundreds of people — young and old, locals and foreigners, rich and poor — waited patiently for their turn to see the miracle now known as “The Toast.”

It was just days before that Andrés Alvarez, a local potter, gazed at the French toast his wife Martina had prepared for his breakfast. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“‘I say to Martina, I know this man,” Alvarez recalls, “this is the famous American computer man. I wonder why he is on my toast.”

The man, of course, is Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Seriously, you can’t make this up…


I’m not gonna lie, if Apple sold water…

…I would probably buy it…

…this post is totally not yoga-related, but definitely a commentary on the life and spending habits of this Apple fanboy…I’m sure some of you can relate… 😉


When in Class, Please Hold the Gas

Check out this funny story about Mike Myers getting kicked out of yoga class.

Shrek star Mike Myers was kicked out of his favorite Los Angeles yoga class because he couldn’t contain himself when a mat neighbor kept farting. The funnyman admits he couldn’t concentrate and every time his gassy pal let rip, he started giggling.

The comic explains, “This guy kept farting and I am not very mature… I’m the youngest of three boys and if somebody farts, it’s funny. They were like, ‘We’re not here to laugh..’ but then he did it a second time, louder, and did it a third time and it sounded like a machine gun and I could not stop laughing.”

Myers was floored when the farter then turned to him and said, “I had a bad Chinese.”

Can you really kick Mike Myers out of class?

Kung Fu vs. Yoga…Who’s Gonna Win?!?

Sorry about the silliness of this post, but I’m sort of in a goofy mood. The clip is kind of long, but of course you do want to know who wins in the end, don’t you? At the one-minute mark or so the yogi does a sequence that reminds me of a good old-fashioned yoga demonstration. Definitely love all the cracking joint sound effects.  Check it out if you’re looking for ten minutes of entertainment and/or want to beef up on your yoga fighting skills.

Hank Does Yoga on King of the Hill