Gentle Flow Yoga with Kathryn Budig

If you’re under the weather today or just needing a little more relaxed yoga session, this gentle flow yoga practice on Yoga Journal’s Youtube channel should do the trick. Gets the body moving a little bit, without too many sustained inversions.

Video description:

This Gentle Yoga Flow practice is accessible to all levels. There is a primary focus on hip opening, gentle lunging and twisting. This sequence is ideal for the beginning yoga student or regular yogi who wants to tone it down for the day. For this practice you will need two blocks and your strap. Feel free to use this practice anytime you’re looking for a little revitalization. Visit for more videos.

Morning Yoga for Flexibility with Tara Stiles

Feeling a little creaky in the morning? Try this quick yoga fix from Tara Stiles to wake up the body.  If you’re the iTunes type, here’s a link to Tara’s iTunes video podcasts that are all available for free.

Yoga Journal LiveMag ~ Great for Home Practice Yogis

As I perused through Yoga Journal during the wee hours this morning, I noticed that the magazine had plans to introduce  a new online video channel called “LiveMag,” described as “an online extension of the pages of the magazine.”  It sounded interesting.  I didn’t have time to look into it this morning, but when I checked my e-mail this evening I had a message from Yoga Journal that the first issue of LiveMag was available.

In the first edition (which corresponds to the March 2010 issue of the magazine), you can practice along with the video versions of the Home Practice and Master Class columns and watch a demo of a few of the Sun Salutation variations highlighted in the feature story “Shine on Me.”

Based on initial impression, LiveMag looks to be a great complementary feature to the printed asana instruction in the physical magazine.  I definitely look forward to this and future editions.  Here’s the videos of the Yoga Journal Editor’s introduction to LiveMag as well as the featured Home Practice article.

What do you think?  Is this a useful feature for you?

Introduction to LiveMag | Yoga Journal Editor Kaitlin Quistgaard

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Home Practice Video Sequence | YogaJournal

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video Review: Yoga Foundations with Hillary Rubin

If you’re into yoga podcasts, then there’s a very good chance you know Hillary Rubin.  She has a great blog full of yoga wisdom and routines that are perfect when your home practice needs some motivation.   A certified Anusara Yoga teacher, Hillary has a great story that illustrates the power yoga has to improve lives.  Taking her teaching to the next level, Hillary recently released a DVD, Yoga Foundations with Hillary Rubin.

For the last couple weeks, both myself and my four year old daughter, Kennedy, have enjoyed lining up our yoga mats and practicing to the DVD.  It’s not too long and it’s not too short.  Kennedy is a great yoga buddy and it makes me laugh every time she calls downward facing dog “hot dog.”

One of the interesting things about Hillary’s new DVD is that I didn’t really pay attention to the title of the practice, “Yoga Foundations,” until after I was partway through it the first time and started thinking to myself how grounded my body felt as I implemented the various corrections Hillary suggested.  I was surprised at how some of the subtle adjustments Hillary recommended entirely changed the way certain poses felt.  While the main practice is not too complex or physically demanding, it effectively does what it sets out to do:  create and cultivate a strong foundation.  Highly recommended for those looking for an easy-to-follow introducation to yoga.  Kennedy gives it two thumbs up.

Rodney Yee Demonstrates the Seated Half-Fish Pose

Vodpod videos no longer available.