How to Roll A Yoga Mat…and Survive!

I stared at this picture for a while before I realized I’ve been rolling up my yoga mat wrong all these years…glad I survived! I mean this is just one more shred of evidence proving how harmful yoga really can be.

Fabulous artwork courtesy of Alison Hinks, creative yogi extraordinaire!

Phillip Askew New York City Vinyasa Video…Way Cool!

Dharma Moving Yoga Posters by Phillip Askew…Mesmerizing

To see more moving yoga posters, visit Phillip Askew’s website or Youtube channel.

Ensō – The Art of the Zen Buddhist Circle

While surfing the web tonight I came across a magnificently simple Zen image that transfixed my mind.  Of course I’ve seen ensō before (Zen circles)–kind of hard to miss since I live in Japan–but tonight the image apparently worked its enlightening effect upon me.  It took me by surprise.

According to Audrey Yoshiko Seo, author of Ensō: Zen Circles of Enlightenment, “Zen circles, ensō, are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment, and a myriad of things in between. Seemingly perfect in their continuity, balance, and sense of completeness, and yet often irregular in execution, ensō are at once the most fundamentally simple and the most complex shape. They seem to leave little room for variation, and yet in the hands of Zen masters, the varieties of personal expression are endless. Ensō evoke power, dynamism, charm, humor, drama, and stillness.”

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Meditation for Geeks

For your viewing pleasure…

A Sucker for Really Cool Yoga Art

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Blending history with a dash of yogic humor, Boonchu Tanti’s Ashtanga yoga illustrations capture the essence of the joy and playfulness of yoga.

Ever Wonder What a Typical Morning in Mysore is Like for an Ashtanga Yoga Freak?

Study this little piece of yogic art and you’ll get the idea.

Infographic by Boonchu Tanti; Edited by Leena Kinger

If You’re Looking for Something to ‘Occupy’…

What’s Your Yoga Style? (Totally Updated with Yoga Links Galore!)

This little chart from Alison Hinks just might lead you to the yoga promised land. 

To help in navigating the maze, here are links to the “official” websites for each style as well as a few helpful books or DVDs.

Integrative Yoga Therapy
Phoenix Rising
Transcendental Meditation
Power Yoga
Forrest Yoga

Third Installment of the Overly Brief and Incomplete History of Yoga

yogaflowchart3Thanks for keeping the updates coming Alison! Click the graphic for full-size PDF.
To compare this flowchart with the first two, click here and here.

As a lamp in a windless place…

As a lamp in a windless place does not waver,
so the yogi whose mind is focused
remains always steady in meditation
on the transcendent self.

Bhagavad Gita 6.19

Fresh Set of Ashtanga Yoga Illustrations

A unique set of ashtanga-inspired illustrations for your viewing pleasure.

Yoga Challenge Day 8: Sunday Morning

Yoga as a path is the way out of our present conditioning and the way toward freedom from habitually ensnaring conditions…”
~ Michael Stone in The Inner Tradition of Yoga

sunday morning, originally uploaded by gosia janik.

Looking forward to the birth of another week. Happy 4th of July!

Filament: A yoga poem from a new friend


arms arch upward fingers interlace
of course
I’m stretching of course it’s early morning
summer here upon us
curved upward haze behind a building
the day coming. of course
I haven’t got my mind yet
haven’t quite found where it’s hiding.
this is supposed to be a day,
a beautiful life,
a wild and precious life,
a centered, kept, contained
moment held.
I’m floating elsewhere
away for now, back in five minutes
that little hand-drawn sign swinging from a string
pastel and ink, dream-like messaging inescapable
if not caught and held, perhaps gone to the wind’s
carefree moving mind-path: the breeze.
surely a life is not a day,
a day is not a moment of course
it can all boil down to just the one
split second,
one big break,
one forgetting,
one long fall toward failure.
Enter the room.
Set down your old mat,
bones, songs, fidgets, fears,
expectations, set your old life down
and unravel your very life-threads, your five minute signs, strings,
etched maps for knowing where you are.
Unroll your mind you can’t even find
and be somewhere: only here
is where you are
a corpse, body breathing in place
a two-minute savasana
floating filament thoughts out
the twisting of an untied cord,
rivets disentangling, notion-rope come undone
working loose our own bodies,
lives, days, pulling out the stitches
so that we are in fact of course
nowhere at all.

[Author:  Belovely, the Bikram-loving yogini shares more of her original poetry on her fabulous blog, Alive in the Fire.]

Window Dressing…Yoga Style Part II

basia lipska, originally uploaded by gosia janik.

My Latest Ashtanga Yoga Goodies

The Art of Yoga

I ran across these artsy yoga asana photos by Gosia Janik on flickr tonight.  I must say the vintage look really strikes a chord.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Namaste!

Time for Yoga…

Have a hard time fitting yoga into your day?  Consider this simple thought:

“Instead of finding time to practice Yoga, practice Yoga all the time.” ~ Bob Weisenberg


It doesn’t get much better than this for Obama lovers.

From Lululemon~

“In this day and age, we think everyone could benefit from a little yoga, especially the incoming U.S. President. It’s our hope that he will lead us all to a better place full of Oms and Sun Salutations.”

Although the shift in power begins soon, the real question will be: who has better yoga form, Obama or Bush?

Ombama, originally uploaded by ideowl.

The Evolution of Asana

The Evolution of Asana, originally uploaded by Claire Rose.