Save money, Use less plastic, Buy a Sigg!

Apparently advertising works because after months of seeing Sigg water bottle ads in Yoga Journal I found myself a few days ago at the Whole Foods Market in Charlottesville, VA, dropping over $20 for a .6 L Sigg.  It wasn’t exactly an impulse purchase since I was shopping specifically for a water bottle, just not one quite that expensive.  After two days at a legal conference of buying multiple flavored beverages throughout the day, I realized that bringing my own water bottle might save me a little money (and use a lot less plastic).  So, once I came across the Sigg, it didn’t take much rationalization to convince myself that we were MFEO.

Here’s one reason why the Sigg rocks:

Many people think that they are helping the environment by refilling their plastic PET water bottles. But are you helping yourself?

“Disposable PET bottles are designed for one time use,” states Simran Sethi of The Discovery Channel. “Refilling them can release harmful toxins from the packaging – especially when it gets heated. If you’re tasting plastic, you’re ingesting plastic.”

In 2008, many major North American retailers discontinued selling reusable plastic bottles made from polycarbonate #7 (brands such as Nalgene) due to concerns that these bottles were leaching Bisphynol-A. A report by Health Canada called this chemical (BPA) “dangerous.”

And not all metal water bottles are alike. Very recently there have been major recalls of Chinese-made aluminium water bottles for lead in the paint. Tests have shown that Chinese-made aluminium water bottles, like many polycarbonate #7 plastic bottles, also leach the chemical BPA.

A SIGG Bottle is your healthy and safe choice for your body. The baked-on, crack resistant bottle liner makes sure that you drink what you want to drink – and not unwanted chemicals. The SIGG bottle liner is leach-proof and resistant even to energy drinks, fruit acids and carbonation.

SIGG bottles are manufactured in Switzerland with no BPA, no lead, no phthalates – in other word, no risk to you!

So far, I think my favorite part about the Sigg is that water actually tastes like water.  No more plastic taste, no more leftover flavors like in a plastic water bottle.  It’s really nice and I’m very happy with it.  Highly recommended!


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  2. thanks so much for the review on the water bottle. We each have to do our part to make the earth a better place to live! I found a site that the designer talks about how she has chosen to sell her bentley for a hybrid car. how inspiring. I don’t have a bentley but if she can sacrifice so can i!

  3. wow, I was just thinking about buying a water bottle, I have been refilling the same plastic water bottle for some time now… I was just hoping that they were not so darn expensive! but I guess there is not price for making the earth a better place.

  4. Hey everyone! I just wanted to put my two cents in abuot the big water bottle debate. Sigg and other metal water bottles are better than plastic, that is for sure, but in my experience I haven’t liked drinking out of them. I tried out glass water bottles, and I like them so much, we started selling them at our website 🙂 If you’re interested, please visit Either way, I think it’s great that people are becoming more aware about the many dangers of plastic water bottles! Have a great day 🙂

  5. Hey,

    I bought my boyfriend one of these ’cause I hate plastic, but the lid is plastic and it is forever letting small black particles fall into the water. My boyfriend used it for a couple of days and then realised why there were small black specks in the water – from the lid. GROSS. Stay away. I would recommend reusing a glass bottle – like the kind oyu get tomato sauce in.

  6. Hey,

    I bought my boyfriend one of these ’cause I hate plastic, but the lid is plastic and it is forever letting small black particles fall into the water. My boyfriend used it for a couple of days and then realised why there were small black specks in the water – from the lid. GROSS. Stay away. I would recommend reusing a glass bottle – like the kind oyu get tomato sauce in.

  7. After having the Sigg for more than a month now, I still use it on a regular basis and like it a lot. I haven’t noticed any black particles from the lid falling into the water, but I guess I don’t really see the water as it pours down my throat. The main downside I’ve seen so far is that the aluminum gets dented fairly easy. I’m not sure I’m gentle enough for a glass water bottle.

  8. I bought a Sigg because I wanted to do the right thing and stop using plastic. BUT, after being in the Sigg bottle for 10 mins, the water tastes like metal. Not so good!!!!!! Hope there is a better option.

    • his is the excellent blog for any person who wants to learn about this subject. You know a lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You certainly put a new spin on the subject matter thats been written about for many years. Fantastic stuff, just wonderful!

  9. Step up in style and quality from the plastic sippy cup. All SIGG bottles are tested 100-percent safe with NO leaching. All SIGG bottles are durable

  10. It is great that people are using less plastic. It is not only the land fill but all the chemicals that make the bottles in contact with the water one drinks.


  1. […] your saving grace!!! Sigg water bottles are a one-time buy, and help keep our daily guzzling […]

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